Where to find good wallpapers? A resources guide.

In MTG4Life “Lite”, images are used for static wallpapers and videos are used for live wallpapers. These can be downloaded via your mobile browser from anywhere on the web and loaded into your app.

No edition of MTG4Life comes with any wallpaper art or video, please respect any artist/creators/owners rights.

Good Static Wallpaper Image Sources

The official Wizards of the Coast wallpaper collection

Art of Magic the Gathering

Deviant Art

Art of MTG Tumbler account

(Note: we are a big fan of scryfall.com and were even going to add automatic downloads from their site into the app using their web API, but they only provide low resolution art crops from cards that just arnt up to the quality of manually downloading digital art from the web)

There are also some great reddit communities like mtgporn or wallpapers for official and fan art.

Otherwise just do a search for “Magic the Gathering art”.

If you are an artist and would like your art showcased in our upcoming “Featured Artist” section of our app then get in touch at mtglife@outlook.com

Good Live Wallpaper Video Sources

Creators have done some amazing jobs using tools like Wallpaper Engine and Lively Wallpaper

One particular redditor and wallpaper engine creator “shameddd” deserves a special callout as his magic related work inspired us with the idea to include live wallpapers in the app in the first place, his work is featured here and has directly downloadable videos ready for use in the app.

There are a few live wallpaper websites like:

My Live Wallpapers



Have a look at the “fantasy” categories on these sites.

A particularly good Ugin live wallpaper for direct download and use in the app is here.

A lot of Wallpaper engine creators have their own workshop pages like this, but not all include videos to download and you may need to have wallpaper engine installed and capture it to video yourself.

There are a lot of youtube videos of live wallpapers and you will probably need a third party app to download them if you dont have Youtube Premium.. A good free one that we use is this free youtube downloader. It is available on android, windows and macOS.

Otherwise just do a search for “Live Wallpapers”

Again there are some great reddit communities like livewallpapers, wallpaperengine and LivelyWallpaper

If you fancy making your own wallpaper with wallpaper engine and need some help, check out this series on youtube and let us know about your creation with a comment below or email us at mtg4life@outlook.com. As above we can showcase it in our upcoming “Featured Artist” section of our app.

Resources of your own you like?

Please add any suggestions below in the comments for other users. Thank you! 🙂


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