How to fit your wallpaper to your device: custom editing guide.

Please note this article refers to the new “Lite” iOS and Android versions only, if new features prove popular they will be built into the original MTG4Life.


This is a brief guide to the features in the “Custom Wallpaper Editing” section of the app. Once you have downloaded your wallpaper it may not be a perfect fit for the specific shape of your device so how can you fix this?

Getting the wallpaper to fit your device

You have two main options to get a good fit for your downloaded wallpapers.

1. Fit or Fill

The simplest and quickest is to select one of the three “Fit or Fill” options from the Custom Wallpaper Editing section shown below.

The actions of these options are described in the app and its good to just try them out on your wallpaper to see the result.

That said, the most commonly used is the second “Fill Phone with Clipped Wallpaper” as this will make sure most of the wallpaper is included and will not stretch and distort the image.

If you dont mind some wallpaper distortion the third option will fit in the whole wallpaper and the first option is for when the wallpaper matches the device dimensions well and no clipping or stretching is needed. This option is typically used after a wallpaper has been cropped with the editor as described below.

Note for your convenience the first option is automatically selected for you after leaving the editor so you can see the unclipped/undistorted results.

For more detailed editing you can use the full editor by touching the “Use Full Wallpaper Editor”.

2. Full editor cropping

As shown above, the wallpaper editor has the wallpaper editing canvas in the centre, specific editing features such as crop etc at a bar in the bottom and high level editor features such as save etc at a bar in the top.

You can crop the image by touching the fourth editor feature button “image transforms” in the bottom bar and then the crop button (shown with arrows below).

This is also shown below as part of the product walkthrough video…

With cropping the idea is to change the shape of the wallpaper to match the shape of your device. You can then use the “Fit Whole Wallpaper” option described above to display as is. Alternatively, for an off centred badly fitting wallpaper, you could crop out a better centred image and then use the “Fill Phone with Clipped Wallpaper” option to fill the device.

When you have finished cropping, dont forget to touch the tick at the bottom right of the editor bar and then touch the “Save MTG4Life Copy” to save the local app copy.

This is pretty much all you need to know for the majority of people using the app, for people who want more control or artistic options please follow these links to other articles.

Getting your preferred wallpaper background separation

Advanced Editor Options

Editor Top Tips

  • You can zoom the wallpaper in the editor using the usual two finger pinch, you can also pan the zoomed wallpaper using a two fingered drag
  • When using the editor features at the bottom of the editor this may sometimes cause submenus to appear replacing the top level menu, in this case a “<” back button will appear in the far left of that bottom feature bar to take you to the previous menu.
  • Always remember to touch the ticks in the right hand side of filter sliders before touching save or that filter wont be applied!
  • Text and Shapes are active editor objects that can be selected directly on the wallpaper canvas and edited again later
  • If you make a mistake you can use the undo/redo buttons at the top of the editor
  • If you want to quickly get rid of all your changes and start again with the wallpaper as it was when you started the editing session you can use the “Reset Session Changes” at the top of the editor.
  • If you want to completely restart with the original downloaded wallpaper you can go back to the customisation page and load the original static downloaded wallpaper again, this deletes and overwrites the previous internal app wallpaper copy.
  • Note, dont worry, none of the editing options affect the original downloaded wallpaper, they only affect a copy of the wallpaper that the app uses internally to render the background. Any edited changes will be stored in local app storage when closed and then reused when the app is reopened i.e. any options do not overwrite the original wallpaper, you wont have to find it on the web and download it again.

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