Kamagawa Neon Dynasty Live Wallpaper

Please note this article refers to the new “Lite” iOS and Android versions only, if new features prove popular they will be built into the original MTG4Life.

Here is some live wallpaper for the new Kamagawa Neon Dynasty Set.

If you want to use this as your wallpaper you can download it from the YouTube website below.

If you dont have YouTube Premium then an alternative way to do this is to use a third party app. We use the free “4K Video Downloader” app available here. https://www.4kdownload.com/welcome.

This is available on android, windows and macOS. If you use android this will download it directly to your device, if you use windows or MacOS you just simply need to copy the video to your device afterwards.

Run this downloader app and paste the web link of the video below into it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBsvH7ccN4Y

For more information on how to use wallpapers on android please see our Android wallpaper article and for iphone please see our iPhone wallpaper article


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