Announcing iPhone “Lite” Edition

A new “lite” version of MTG4Life has been built from scratch for the iPhone and is now available on the Apple App Store here. It will also work on the iPad and M1 based Macs.

This new iPhone version has a special focus on the customisation aspect of the original, including new unique features like live wallpapers and a full wallpaper editing experience to make any downloaded wallpaper art a custom fit for your phone.

These features are built on top of the the originals core feature of displaying game state integrated into full bleed Magic art; including life counting, secondary counters for poison/energy and player names. The whole app is reskinnable to be any of the five magic colours themes and any art can be downloaded from the integrated MTG4Life website or from anywhere on the web.

We are actively developing this app to bring it closer to the full featured MTG4Life original that has proved so popular on Windows/Xbox. If you would like us to prioritize or add specific features from the original app then please leave us a review on the Apple App Store with your request. We are especially interested in current MTG4Life users opinions. šŸ™‚

If the new live wallpaper and wallpaper editor features prove popular we will build them for the original MTG4Life.

The quick “sizzle reel” of the app is included at the start of this article to get your attention, if you would like a slower longer walkthrough of somebody actually using the app have a look below.


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